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Information for appraisers

As an appraiser you have the ability to check the Nominated Colleagues and when available the final 360 Report(s) of your Appraisee(s). You will be able to choose an appraisee from a simple drop-down menu or search by surname using the find function. It will also give you access to their Reports once they are available.

The Colleague Reports consist of ‘Part A – Charts and Graphs’, and ‘Part B – Comments’. The Appraisee will not initially be able to see Part B when they release their report; It is your responsibility to check the comments given by this doctor’s colleagues and then release Part B to the doctor at your discretion (this may be before, during or after the Appraisal session).

To release Part B of the report, simply click on the button at the bottom of your ‘My Appraisees’ page once you have selected the correct report.

Below is an example of what the ‘My Appraisees’ page looks like:



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