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 Individual Doctors

Edgecumbe Doctor 360 is simple and straightforward to use. If you are buying the service for yourself or a small group of colleagues you can do so online.

When we receive your payment via PayPal you will receive an email with login details and instructions within two working days. Once your account has been activated, you will have your own personal, password protected, page. The page will tell you what to do starting with the completion of your own self assessments. Once you have completed this, the next step is to nominate the colleagues that you would like to receive feedback from. This is done by entering their name and email address onto the system.

Having completed these two key steps, Doctor 360 will administer the process for you, sending out invitations and reminders and then producing your report when it is ready. You can check the status yourself at anytime by logging in. You will be able to see who has completed your feedback and who is yet to do so, and release your report when it becomes available.

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An opportunity to be guided through the Doctor 360 colleague and patient feedback process, from a doctor's, appraiser's and local adminstrator's prospective.

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The Doctor 360 Patient Feedback Process

1. Once a colleague and patient or patient-only feedback account has been set up on our system for you, PDF versions of their Patient Questionnaire and Declaration Form will be available for printing from the ‘Useful Documents’ tab in their account and/or we will send you a paper patient questionnaire pack of 30 questionnaires in the post, depending on the organisation that you are registered with. We require a minimum of 17 questionnaires to be completed by patients (or carers on behalf of patients) and returned to us. We can upload a maximum of 50 patient responses, any more than that can be added for an additional charge.

NB: MAAR Gateway specifically requests that any locum/agency doctors using their service receive feedback from AT LEAST 20 patients before releasing their Doctor 360 Patient Feedback Report!

2. You or your administrator must select a colleague to manage your patient data collection. The Declaration Form must be signed and returned by the colleague who distributes, collects and returns the questionnaires.

3. All completed questionnaires must be returned in one batch. We recommend that you use Royal Mail Recorded Delivery in order to ensure the security of your completed patient feedback reaching us safely.

4. On receipt of the completed patient questionnaires, we will enter the data from them into your online account and release your patient report, which will appear as a single link at the bottom of your Work with Reports page.


The Process in Detail

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