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 Managing Accounts

Managing Accounts

We provide a fully-automated emailing system to keep doctors up to date on each stage of the process and our easy to use interface has simple icons to work through the sections. Only 2-3% of users logging into the system contact our support team for help!



To complete your Self-Assessment questionnaire(s):

Tip: If you think you will be unable to collect the minimum of 6 of each colleague type please contact support for advice.

Collecting Colleague Feedback

It is recommended that you request feedback from 12-15 colleagues. The minimum feedback requirements are:
6 Peers - Those who work at/above your level

6 Support/Junior Colleagues - Other staff including junior doctors, nurses, administrative staff who you currently (or in the last year) work(ed) with.

NB: MAAR Gateway specifically requests that any locum/agency doctors using their service receive feedback from AT LEAST 15 colleagues before releasing their Doctor 360 Colleague Feedback Report!

Tip: if you work in a small practice and are not able to select the minimum of 6 of each colleague type please contact support for advice


Collecting Patient Feedback

1. Depending on your organisation, you will either have access to print your questionnaires and Declaration Form from the green ‘Useful Documents’ tab at the top of your Doctor 360 homepage or you will receive a pack of patient questionnaires in the post

2. Instructions for collection of Patient Feedback are on the Declaration Form: we ask for feedback from a minimum of 17 patients. We can upload a maximum of 50 patient responses, any more than that can be added fpr an additional charge.

NB: MAAR Gateway specifically requests that any locum/agency doctors using their service receive feedback from AT LEAST 20 patients before releasing their Doctor 360 Patient Feedback Report! 

3. You will need to choose a colleague to distribute and collect in your questionnaires. If this is not possible then leave your questionnaires on the side and ask patients to complete before they leave (please make sure you use our sealable questionnaires for this)

4. Return all completed questionnaires in one batch with a signed Declaration Form, either

 5. Once your patient questionnaires have been received they will be uploaded within 5 working days. Once the minimum number of patient feedback forms has been uploaded and you have completed your self patient questionnaire your report will be available in the 'work with reports' section of your account.

A PDF Easy-Read version of the Patient Questionnaire is available via email upon request.

Work with Reports

The Doctor 360 Colleague and Patient Reports are released independently of one another and are both found in the ‘Work with Reports’ icon (see Patient Feedback section for instructions regarding the Patient Report)

The Colleague Report comes in 2 parts: 

Part A – the numerical information presented in bar charts and benchmarked against the colleague feedback for other doctors on the 360 System.

Part B –
the colleague comments.

If you have an appraiser registered for you on the system, when you release your report, your appraiser will immediately have access to Parts A & B.

You will only have access to Part A of the Colleague Report. It is at your appraiser’s discretion to read the colleague comments and release Part B to you from their account; this is usually done during or after the appraisal so that the appraiser is there to help you read through the comments in a constructive, self-developmental way.

If you don’t have an appraiser registered on the system you will have access to both Part A & Part B.


To grant report access to your appraiser:

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