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Trusts & Designated Bodies

360 solutions for your organization.

Trust & Designated Body 360°s

Make revalidation simple and cost-effective while generating more robust insights with our suite of tools with unique psychometric properties. Order Doctor 360° for your organisation as a stand-alone service, or include as part of the PReP Revalidation Management package.

Doctor 360° is widely recognised as the most useful and easiest to administer 360° assessment tool for Trusts and other designated bodies. Developed in the 90s by our accredited and experienced psychologists, the tool’s reliability means it only requires 12 colleague and 17 patient feedback returns* to generate clearer insights than the GMC’s own feedback tool.

Choose to benchmark your data by speciality or against the whole database for insights you can rely on to guide future action (see below). Not only that, but our reports are available instantly, making the entire process incredibly fast and efficient for doctors, appraisers and revalidation teams.

*(GMC tool requires 15 colleague and 34 patient feedback returns)

Other benefits include:

  • Fully automated and branded system with email prompts and reminders sent at each stage of the process.
  • We process all patient feedback forms manually for high levels of accuracy
  • Serious concerns alerting system for colleague feedback, as well as a patient data verification policy.
  • Robust speciality benchmarking based on our extensive data set – over 45,000 doctors have used the service to date.
  • Full administrative access for easy set-up, management and oversight of feedback exercises.Free admin training to as many staff as required, at any point.
  • Appraiser, RO and/or Revalidation Manager access.

Bespoke 360° solutions

All our 360° assessments can be tailored for particular specialities or organisations. Our expert psychologists can create different questions, ratings scales or colleague categories to suit your particular needs, while remaining completely compliant with the GMC for revalidation.

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Why choose us for your 360°?

It’s dependable – Manual processing of patient feedback means high levels of accuracy and fast flagging of concerns.
It’s accessible – Mobile-friendly and responsive, it’s easy to use on every type of device.
It’s personal – While the system is completely automated, our friendly, responsive team is also on hand to help you complete your reports successfully.
It’s easy – Our Doctor 360° assessment requires far fewer respondents for complete GMC compliance.
It’s trusted – Highly accurate benchmarking based on robust psychometrics. See results by specialism, practice or against the whole database of medical participants.
It’s clever – Our highly automated intelligent online tools chase up respondents with reminders so you don’t have to.

Doctor 360 Trust Analysis Report:

Our Trust Analysis Reports are invaluable when planning recruitment or development, finding and addressing strengths and weaknesses, and reporting on organisational progress year on year. We can provide analysis of aggregated scores for all doctors, comparisons with norms, and information on usage such as the average number of colleagues and patients giving feedback. Our unique approach means findings can be categorised and benchmarked by speciality and other demographic factors across the four domains of Good Medical Practice, and we highlight key insights in our analysis.

In partnership with PReP

Premier IT provides the market leading revalidation management system, PReP, to help organisations manage the entire appraisal and revalidation process for doctors within primary care, secondary care and independent healthcare providers.

PReP is fully developed, ready to use, secure and cost effective. Key features include:

  • Appraisal and revalidation management
  • Responsible Officer/management dashboard
  • MAG form integration
  • Integrated patient and colleague feedback (Doctor 360˚)
  • Job Planning tool
  • Statutory, mandatory and CQC e-Learning

How secure is Doctor 360°?

  • The platform is only used for Doctor 360°
  • Server is based in the UK
  • All data remains within the EU
  • Hosting arrangements include industry standard backup and recovery procedures from transaction logging allowing point-in-time restores through to documented disaster recovery from offsite storage
  • Server up-time rates are 99.999% with minimal planned maintenance
  • Security and confidentiality ensured at each layer of the service: Data is secured at server and application level
  • Tiered levels of access ensure that doctors, administrators, feedback providers and patients gain access to the data that is relevant to them and no more
  • Secure release procedures control accesses to doctors’ reports to ensure only those with the appropriate authority are able to access the reports
  • We are Cyber Essentials Accredited

We offer Doctor 360°s for

General Practitioner (GP) practices

Order Colleague and Patient Feedback exercises for your GP doctors and use the patient results tofind out how your practice measures up with our Doctor 360° Practice Report, all benchmarked against the GP UK average and displayed in a poster. Gain a complete picture of your practice’s performance and areas for improvement by also completing the Practice Manager 360°.

Individual doctors

We make the doctor revalidation process faster and more efficient with our standard GMC-compliant Doctor 360° Colleague & Patient feedback tool, and our Non Clinical 360°. Or if you’d prefer to use the GMC or Royal College patient questionnaires, we’ll provide an online self-assessment and turn your data into a well-presented, easy to interpret summary report.

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