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Things to know before you get started

How much feedback do I need?

To be able to release a valid Colleague Feedback Report, we will require responses from at least 6 Peers and 6 Support/Junior Colleagues.

To be able to release a valid Patient Feedback Report, we would require you to return a minimum of 17 completed questionnaires to us.

Special Circumstances: If you are unable to meet these requirements then we will usually accept written consent from your Responsible Officer to release your report with feedback from no less than 6 colleagues (3 Peers, 3 Support/Juniors) and 7 patients.

NB: MAAR Gateway specifically requests that any locum/agency doctors using their service receive feedback from AT LEAST 15 colleagues and 20 patients before releasing their Doctor 360 Feedback Reports!

NB: Please be aware that we do not currently process GMC questionnaires

How long does it take to complete the questionnaire?

The process for completing the colleague questionnaire and the self-assessment should take between 15 and 20 minutes to complete. The patient feedback should take around 5 minutes.

What questions are asked in the questionnaire?

There are 33 colleague questions in total, set out under each of the four headings of Good Medical Practice, plus sections on Professional Integrity and Health. There is also the facility to add comments in each section.

For patients there is a separate questionnaire containing 21 questions, including one free comments question.

How long does it take to complete the whole process?

This depends largely on how long it takes for your colleagues to complete the questionnaire and how frequently you are able to obtain feedback from patients.

As a rough guide, from the date that you nominate colleagues to provide you with feedback, you should allow at least 4 weeks before your report will be released.

The system automatically sends reminders to colleagues who have not responded and you are able to go online using your unique password and check your progress and encourage colleagues to respond.

The Doctor 360 Team will release your patient report once the online self-patient assessment has been completed and a minimum of 17 (20 for MAAR Gateway users) completed questionnaires have been returned. Please allow 5 working days from our receipt of the completed questionnaires for your report to be released.

Is the process confidential?

Your report will be discussed with your appraiser; no one else will see your report unless specified by your Trust.

Is the feedback anonymous?

Yes it is confidential, however in the event that feedback is provided anonymously, which causes the Responsible Officer (RO) to have concerns over patients' safety, he or she may request that the reviewer is identified so that the concerns can be evaluated. In short, patients safety takes precedence over anonymity.

NB: if you have serious concerns about a colleague you are obligated to report these concerns in line with GMC guidance.

Which internet browsers are compatible with Doctor 360?

The Doctor 360 software will work with any browser that is currently supported by its provider, for example Microsoft in the case of Internet Explorer. We will also try where possible to make the software compatible with older browsers. For example, although Microsoft no longer supports Internet Explorer 8 (as of 12th January 2016), we know that some NHS systems still use this version so we do all that we can to make the system work with it.


Ordering your feedback exercise(s)

If you have an account with us already then please refer to the 'Order New 360' tab on your homepage for instructions on how to start a new feedback exercise.

One-off Payments: If you wish to purchase up to 9 Doctor 360 colleague and/or patient feedback exercises, please go to our Buy Online page. Some GP areas and agencies are registered for discount codes so, if unsure, please check with us first before paying: Call 0117 3328277

NB: If you require more than 9 accounts then please contact us, as there may be a reduction in price and we can create an invoice for you.

Large designated bodies: If you'd like to enquire about installing Doctor 360 as part of your organisation's appraisal system, then please get in touch with our sales representative.

Individual members of organisations who hold an account with us: please contact your local/Trust Revalidation Support Team to find out when you will be issued with a feedback account. If you’re unsure, check our Login page to see if your organisation is listed with us.

I want to purchase Doctor 360 but don't have a PayPal account

No problem - you can checkout as a PayPal guest when purchasing your Colleague and/or Patient Feedback. Once you've clicked on 'Pay Now' you can select to pay as a guest, rather than creating or using a PayPal account.

Alternatively, if you're struggling we can issue an invoice to be paid via BACS transfer. However please be aware that the set up time will be slower for this method.

I’ve just purchased a feedback exercise but haven’t received login information

If your feedback exercise was purchased on an individual basis, please allow 2 working days upon payment to receive your login details.

Please be aware that our offices are closed over the festive period:

2017: Closed 25th December – 1st January 2018

All feedback exercises purchased during these times will be activated on the first working day back. Login details will be received upon activation via email.

I have login details but am unable to login

Web link: Check that the web link you are using is the correct one by referring back to your invitation/reminder email for the task you wish to complete;

  • Some organisations or GP regions have their own specific portal for access to the system; If you are providing feedback to a colleague that works within a different area or agency, you will need to use the login page specific to the Trust/Agency/area they are registered under on our system
  • Sometimes NHS server security can be so high that it disables links within our email invitations
  • Please be aware that using a search engine to obtain the link may not return the correct result for you

Therefore if you are experiencing difficulty, please go to our website Login Page to choose the correct web link from the list.

Username: Refer to the username given in the original email associated with the task that you wish to complete. Sometimes people will have several usernames for giving feedback or creating reports in various organisations, or they will be registered under various email addresses, so make sure you’re using the correct one.

Password: If you forget your password just enter your username on the ‘Login’ page and click on the ‘forgotten password’ link below to reset it.

Technical Error Messages

Please email if you recieve an error message when trying to access the Doctor 360 website.

The Doctor 360 software will work with any browser that is currently supported by its provider, for example Microsoft in the case of Internet Explorer. We will also try where possible to make the software compatible with older browsers. For example, although Microsoft no longer support Internet Explorer 8 (as of 12th January 2016), some NHS systems still use this version so our software should still work with it.

The login page will not accept my username, even though I’ve checked that it is correct?

Check that you’ve accessed the correct web link: There are many different portals to the Doctor 360 system and you may have been given access to several of them if you’ve been nominated to give feedback to a few doctors,

so firstly ensure from your login email that you’re using the correct one. Here’s the list of them all: Doctor 360 Login List


If this does not work then please paste the link you’ve been given into the Google Search field, rather than your internet address bar. Do not try to use the ‘reset password’ function.

How do I access my account via the PReP Appraisal System?

If you use the PReP Appraisal system then you don’t need a separate set of login details for Doctor 360; simply go to your PReP homepage and click on the grey ‘Doctor 360’ tab to access your colleague and patient feedback account. Contact your local PReP administrator if you don’t have access to the tab.

If you are interested in using Doctor 360 as part of the full PReP Appraisal Portfolio then please get in touch using the following contact information:


Call: 0800 785 1234

Patient Feedback

How do I collect Patient Feedback?

As a standard process, the Patient Questionnaire and Declaration Form documents are located in the 'Patient Feedback Tools' icon on your Doctor 360 account homepage.

Here you will find links to the PDF documents, including an Easy Read, Arabic and Nurse version of the Patient Questionnaire.

we recommend you print out 30 patient questionnaires, as well as 1 Declaration Form per person responsible for collecting your patient feedback. We require a minimum of 17 completed patient questionnaires to be returned in order to release your report.

If you would like to order a sealable patient questionnaire pack, you can do so by clicking here. Our pack includes 30 self-sealing feedback forms, instructions and a self-addressed envelope.

Completed questionnaires should be returned in one batch, either by posting back via RECORDED DELIVERY in one large envelope, or by scanning and uploading the questionnaires via our patient feedback upload link (also available via your Useful Documents tab).

We can upload a maximum of 50 patient responses; any more than that can be added for an additional charge.


NB: Please be aware that some organisations have specified a different method for the collection of patient feedback and for the amount of feedback that is required for collection, so please always check with your Appraisal/Revalidation team, if unsure, first.

NB: MAAR Gateway specifically requests that any locum/agency doctors using their service receive feedback from AT LEAST 20 patients before releasing their doctor 360 Patient Feedback Report!

What’s a Declaration Form?

The Declaration Form is the document that we provide for obtaining proof of the individual who collected your patient questionnaire data. This should usually be a specified colleague or set of colleagues who carry out the exercise on behalf of the doctor. However, in some curcustacnces this is not possible therefore doctors can sign this form themselves.

ATTENTION: As of 2017 we will not input any patient questionnaire forms returned without an accompanying signed Declaration Form

I am a Locum GP, working across many practices. How I should collect my patient feedback forms?

Please see the GMC Case Study for Locum doctors here:

We would normally ask you to nominate a colleague (this is usually a receptionist, but can be anyone that you work with) to manage this for you, however, there may be occasions where you are working in more than one practice. Under these circumstances, you can ask a colleague in each place to manage the patient feedback questionnaire distribution and collection process instead. Please ensure that each of these colleagues signs the Declaration Form, or a separate Declaration Form each if that’s easier. (Additional Declaration Forms can be printed from your Doctor 360 account).

Alternatively, if you do not have colleagues that can manage this process for you at each practice, you are able to administer patient feedback yourself. It is important that the anonymity of the process is maintained, therefore please leave the patient questionnaires by the door, alongside several envelopes. Ask the patients to collect a form and an envelope on the way out of the consultation. To collect your completed forms back in, please ask the patient to seal the completed questionnaire inside the envelope and leave in a box outside your door. This will maintain the integrity of the data collected.

NB: MAAR Gateway specifically requests that any locum/agency doctors using their service receive feedback from AT LEAST 20 patients before releasing their doctor 360 Patient Feedback Report!

I can’t upload my questionnaires

This may be because the file size is too large to send.

If your scanned file exceeds 1MB, please try the following:

  • Printing only the questions side of each questionnaire, rather than the front for each one – this should reduce the bulk, however please ensure that you include a Declaration form with full details of the Doctor’s name, organisation and GMC number
  • Breaking the file down into smaller elements
  • Reducing the quality of the scan when scanning in the forms

Alternatively, please email them directly to our Patient Feedback Coordinator, Georgia Feltham at; please put your name and Trust/ Area/ Agency and/ or GMC number in the subject line.

Colleague Feedback

How do I select colleagues to provide me with feedback?

Login to your account, select the ‘Nominate Colleagues’ icon and enter the names and email addresses of at least 6 peers and 6 support/junior colleagues into the table by using the search function, or manually if their details are not registered on the system.

It is, of course, important to select colleagues who you work close enough to that they will have sufficient experience to have formed an impression of you. It is equally important to avoid the temptation to select only colleagues you work well with. Should you have some colleagues with whom your relationship is strained, you should consider asking them for feedback, not just in the interest of balance, but also because it may help you to understand their perspective.

Your appraiser will be happy to discuss the selection of colleagues with you and you should seek their advice if you are unsure.

What qualifies as good feedback to give?

You may well be asked to provide feedback for a colleague. Please remember that your feedback is very important to your colleague and you are encouraged to think carefully before responding. It may be helpful to think about how you would like developmental feedback on yourself to be written.

Try to be honest, but considerate and constructive. If you are adding comments, please be balanced, mentioning the qualities that you appreciate in your colleague, as well as any aspects that you feel should be developed.

If possible cite examples to illustrate your points.

My colleague has requested feedback and I get a ‘Username Invalid’ message on the log in screen

Each Trust/ Area/ Agency has their own specific portal/web link for the Doctor 360 system and for your username to work you will need to make sure you are entering this into the correct part of the Doctor 360 system.

The Trust/ Area/ Agency logo or name will normally be shown towards the top of the page. Please copy and paste the link contained within the invitation email or visit and select the correct Trust/ Area/ Agency from the on screen list.

The drop down list for assigning the Peer or Support/Junior classification to a colleague on the ‘Nominate Colleagues’ page is not working?

The dropdown menus in your Doctor 360 account may be frozen due to the amount of cache you have built on your browser history. To solve this, please use the follow instructions for various web browsers to quickly clear your cache:


If this does not work then please ensure that you’re using a browser version that is compatible with Doctor 360: these are the TOP 3 versions of any popular web browser (eg. Safari, Firefox, Chrome), but only the VERY LATEST version of Internet Explorer (as Microsoft does not support any previous IE versions now).

I’ve nominated some colleagues but the invitations have not been sent

The Doctor 360 system will only send out your invitations once you have nominated the required minimum amounts of colleagues for feedback. This is 6 of your Peers and 6 of your Support/Junior Colleagues. Once you have made your minimum amount of nominations, the Doctor 360 system will send the invitations within thirty minutes of the last person being added.

My colleague says they have completed the feedback, but it is showing as ‘Incomplete’

Please ask your colleague to go back to the questionnaire within their Doctor 360 account, make sure all of the questions have been answered, and then click ‘Finish’ on the very last page. This should then submit the feedback, and will show as ‘Complete’ within your account.

I have the required amount of feedback but it says ‘Report not available’

Please check whether any of your colleagues are marked as ‘required’ (there would be a tick in the ‘Required’ column next to their name in the list of colleagues you have nominated). If they are, they haven’t completed the feedback and you don’t require them to complete feedback before releasing your report, please go to the ‘Nominate Colleagues’ page, click on the colleague’s name, then click ‘Edit Details’. Here you will be able to change the ‘Required’ option to ‘No’, and then click ‘Save’. You should now be able to release your Colleague Report.

Obtaining your Feedback Reports

Where can I find my Report?

Once your Reports have been released/ become available, you will be able to access links to them from the bottom of the ‘Work with Reports’ page of your Doctor 360 account. These will download in PDF format where you will be able to view/ save/ upload as required.

I don’t have Part B of my Colleague Feedback Report

Part B of your Colleague Feedback Report is usually firstly released to the appraiser(s) listed on your ‘Work with Reports’ page. Your appraiser will review Part B of your Report and arrange for this to be released to you. You are welcome to contact your appraiser and request that this is released, but this will be at their discretion.

Why has my Patient Feedback Report not been released?

The Doctor 360 team will release your patient feedback report within 5 working days of receiving your completed online self-patient assessment and a minimum of 17 completed patient feedback questionnaires and 1 signed Declaration Form.

Contact us if you have not received your report within 10 working days of posting or 5 working days of scanning the completed forms back to us.

Extra Guidance


For tutorials and demos please click here

User Guide

The Doctor 360 User Guide is also available from the ‘Useful Documents’ tab of your account and contains much more information about the system and processes.

If you are unable to find an answer to your query here then please get in touch with the Doctor 360 support team who will be happy to help:


Call: 0117 3328255


If you are unable to find an answer to your query here then please get in touch with the Doctor 360 support team who will be happy to help:


Call: 0117 3328277


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