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Demo videos

Below are demostration videos for guiding you through each section of your online Doctor 360 account, whether you’re a doctor completing your 360 feedback exercise, an appraiser or Revalidation Manager wishing to access a doctor’s final reports or a colleague wishing to respond to a feedback invitation that they have been sent by a doctor.

Remember that there are also handy documents to read through in your ‘Useful documents’ tab at the top of your account homepage.

Doctor 360: Logging into your account

A demonstration of how to log into your Edgecumbe Doctor 360 account and what to do if it doesn’t work on first attempt.

Doctor 360: Completing your Self Assessments

A demonstration of how to complete your online self-colleague and self-patient assessment questionnaires.

Doctor 360: Nominating Colleagues for Feedback

A demonstration of how to nominate colleagues to provide feedback for your Colleague Report.

Doctor 360: Completing Patient Feedback

A demonstration of how to access your patient feedback forms, collect the feedback from patients and ensure your patient feedback report is processed.

Doctor 360: Obtaining & Working with your Reports

A demonstration of how to access your final Colleague & Patient Feedback Reports, as well as guidance on who else sees them and how to get the most out of them

Doctor 360: Giving Feedback

A demonstration of how to access your feedback questionnaire or decline your invitation when nominated by a doctor to give feedback.

Doctor 360: My Appraisees

A demonstration of how to access your appraisee’s nominated colleague list and your responsibilities when it comes to you and your appraisee obtaining their Colleague & Patient Feedback Reports.