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Why Doctor 360?

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Highly Developed Questionnaires….

Edgecumbe was the first organisation to launch a multisource feedback tool specifically for doctors in the 1990s. The Edgecumbe Doctor 360® tool has since been developed to a very high specification, and provides demonstrably higher quality results than the GMC’s own feedback questionnaire. The product includes standard patient and colleague questionnaires which are mapped to Good Medical Practice criteria.


Edgecumbe Doctor 360® was developed and refined by an expert panel which included Clive Fletcher, Professor Emeritus at Goldsmiths University of London, and Julian Archer, Professor in Medical Education Research at Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry. An independently conducted G Study carried out on its psychometric properties demonstrated that it has a higher level of reliability than any other similar questionnaire that we know of. This has two important consequences.

……. making for more time and therefore cost-effective questionnaires……

Firstly, our questionnaires require fewer feedback returns (12 colleague and 17 patient questionnaires) than the GMC’s own feedback tool (15 colleagues and 34 patients) in order to achieve the threshold for acceptable validity. For a participant population of 200 clinicians, this means a saving of 600 completions by other clinicians (around 150 hours in total and several thousand pounds of costs) and 3,400 completions by patients (around 850 hours).


……..and better data insights

Secondly, the superior measurement qualities of the questionnaires mean that the data generated are ‘cleaner’ than those from the GMC’s own questionnaire, and this enables us to generate insights through analyses at the population level (by specialty, for example) which are not available from ‘noisier’ data sets. It is for this reason that we have been asked to provide data to support several research studies into doctors’ performance.



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